This is my last week at Google.

Friday will be my last day. Which feels very strange I must admit. I'm a high inertia person. I tend to stay the course once I've picked one which is probably why I've been at Google for 6 years now. But now that is all changing so this is as a good a time as any to look back.

Google is without a doubt the best company I've worked for to date. It's a deeply engineering centric company which has many benefits. They invest heavily in engineering tooling and engineering culture. Everything from build tools to source control has had significant resources poured into them at Google and it shows.

But by far the best feature of Google as a company has nothing to do with the engineering culture. Googles best feature is it's conscience. Without a doubt Google is the most moral company I have ever worked for. It's the kind of thing that is hard to verify from the outside but from the inside it's obvious that Google has a significant conscience in it's employees and it listens to that conscience and changes course as a result.