Be aware the following is a rant. It is not carefully researched, nor is it a methodical analysis or logical argument. It is instead an attempt to capture my feelings after the events of Jan 07, 2021.

I'm really angry

I'm angry. Not just a little angry, I'm furious. Angry enough that I want to punch something. For context, I am a Christian. There are times in my life that I would have been considered a conservative politically, at least in some dimensions anyway. But I do not recognize evangelical conservatism today.

The recent events at the capitol are the perfect culmination of 4+ years of Trump politics. But that isn't really the source of my anger. The source of my anger is illustrated by the flags with Jesus on them at the assault on the Capitol. I'm angry with every prominent evangelical who aligned with and supported Trump. To borrow some phrasing from Christ. "Depart from me I do not know you." In the name of some policy wins you supported a fool. You made excuses for him. You encouraged him. You praised him. You told the people that it was Okay to follow Trump, and they did. They followed him as he bullied others. They followed him as he ridiculed and belittled women. The followed him as he treated veterans shamefully. They followed him as he called foreigners names. They followed him as he lied. They followed him as he tried over and over to do more than the powers of the President allows him to. They followed him as he demonstrated incompetence over and over and over again. They followed him as he downplayed the pandemic. They followed him as he falsely claimed success over it. They followed him as he contributed to the deaths of 300,000+ Americans.

As they followed him they got more and more angry. They believed more and more lies. They were sucked into conspiracy theories. Families were ripped apart. Friends, brothers, sisters, wives, and husbands watched in growing horror as their loved ones were entangled into a web of lies and lost their grip on reality. And as it continued you kept giving his followers permission to align with Trump. You dragged God's name through the mud for Israel and some court seats.

I don't want to be you when God asks you to justify yourselves. You are responsible as shepherds for your flock. And you are a part of the reason there were flags with Jesus name being waved on national television as those people you led stormed the Capitol building.

Shame on you! And may God have mercy on you when you face him.