I recently wrote to Sony Music regarding their controversial DRM Technology. Below is the text of the message. Some of you may have heard of the "RootKit" controversy surrounding Sony's DRM protectes Music CD's. I recently wrote about how I trusted Open Source Technology. This is one more example of why that is. You don't always know what a Closed Source company is doing with their Software and the consequences can be disasterous. Here is the text of my message to Sony Music = "

To Whom It May Concern I have recently been made aware of some disturbing facts regarding your DRM Technology for music. While I appreciate your desire to protect your investment in music labels and artists I must strongly disagree with your decision to unknowingly install "rootkit" based technology on computers that have these CD's inserted into them. I work for a company that manages networks totalling over 7000+ computers. I am now forced to advise our customers that putting sony music cd's into machines on their networks is strongly discouraged as a matter of policy. I can't take the chance that the number of security holes your DRM Software introduces will help to take down one of our networks. I regret to inform you of this but I hope that you will give it due consideration and consider altering your policy and paying closer attention to the ramifications of the DRM technology you employ. Jeremy Wall Quality Network Solutions [email protected]
Addendum: For those of you who don't know a rootkit is an application that embeds itself into your operating system at a very deep level and allows the creator to control your computer without your knowledge. It is often employed by a hackers to remain undetected once they are on your system. Sony's use of the technology is highly irresponsible."