Hi there! Honestly I'm not dead, I've just been all wrapped up in this whole life thing. You know... that whole, "Holy cow!!!! I work at Google now!! When did this happen exactly?" thing, where you're incredibly busy just trying to get up to speed on it all and catch your breath? Well anyway, I feel bad since I've been silent for so long, so here goes. An update from the trenches of the Life of Jeremy Wall. Since I wrote last I have

  • been "acquired by Google"
  • had my first "truly successful" Open Source Project
  • and actually got my Student Loan back under control.
I'm actually absurdly proud of that last one... And still a bit bewildered by the first one. So lets go down the list one at a time shall we?

"The Acquisition"

The company I worked for DoubleClick Performics got bought by Google. Who would have thought it? Somehow I landed an actual job at Google doing what I love. Crafting Code. I have to say, I think this has to have been a "God thing". I can't see any other way to explain it. Google of course is an awesome place to work. Free food, Smart people, Gameroom (strangely I almost never make into there though), Snacks, and really interesting technology to play with. I'm learning a lot about working in Highly Available, Highly Scalable environments. I keep waiting to wake up and find out it was all a dream.

"The Open Source Project"

My last post was about etap, my learn erlang project. I had no idea that the project would get the attention of Nick, a coder with EA, who was looking for a TAP compliant testing framework for their erlang code. He contacted me and asked if he could take over management of the code. I said" sure", as long as I still got to contribute when I had time. Before I knew it EA was using etap internally and I had what I consider to be my first truly successful open source project. etap has now gotten used commercially, traveled to conferences, and is soon to be featured in a book. Not bad for a learners project huh?

"The School Loan"

And perhaps most awesome of all I'm making headway on the whole credit repair thing. The school loan is back under control and no longer has a devestating impact on my credit report. This is an accomplishment that makes me really wonder if I'm in some kind of awesome dream or something. Life is really looking up around here. I'll try to get more regular on my posting again as I play with more erlang, think about writing a book, and Oh almost forgot to mention "Joose" the meta-object protocol for javascript. I'll write more about that later.