As some of you noticed the site had some downtime. This occured because I was moving the server and had some problems with DNS and then Server Hardware. (More on that in a moment) I apologize for that if it caused you any trouble. I had been noticing a growing lack of space with my other provider, so I was looking for a different solution. It presented itself through work. My Boss actually gave me a server. Quad Pentium II processors 2 gig of Ram and 30 gigs of Raid 5 disk space. He also offered to allow me to host it off his T1. All he asked was that I set up a place for the other employees to host their own websites too. This was perfect. I had a decent server with enough space to grow into and full control over the configuration. It was like having something from ServerBeach but without the cost. I look forward to using the server as a development platform to work on some experiments in Web Application development I have had in mind for some time. I hope you will enjoy my chronicling those experiences here. Unfortunately when I got the server started I was unaware that the scsi cable had a problem. It ended up trashing the raid container and I had to rebuild. This meant that after the DNS had replicated the site was down completely since the server went down. Luckily I was able to rebuild and we are now running debian sarge with everything I need to be a webhosting provider to my coworkers, immediate family, and myself.