If you've been floating around the net for any significant amount of time you've probably heard about DRM. And if you like Open Source you've probably heard a little about the GPLV3 license brouhaha. No doubt you're even wondering what exactly it all means. Well Linus sums it up pretty well. The key points here are that DRM is primarily about using Valuable Security Technologies in unintended ways. The same possibilities that make DRM useful help make systems more secure. The way to Fight DRM is not fighting the technology. It's protecting the content. If you dislike DRM then make sure your content can never be used in a DRM protected work. Protect your content don't fight the technology. Open Source is winning the Software licensing battle because it produces Quality Products under a less restrictive environment for use. Open Content can do the same. That's something the EFF seems to have forgotten. Lets hope the artists start paying attention before the barrier to entry becomes too high.