The Net is buzzing about BellSouth and it's rather strange view on internet access. Some details can bee seen at the article below. Market Watch - BellSouth Story Techdirt has had some very good commentary also = "Techdirt - BellSouth It looks like someone has forgotten what exactly their product is and what the value of that product is. If you are a BellSouth customer you might do well to take a close look. An ISP sells just one thing access. And they sell it to just one market. The accessor. Google isn't using BellSouth's pipes. BellSouth's DSL customer is. The same goes for yahoo, AOL, Apple's ITunes and so on. The subscriber to the ISP requests the content. This is a PULL not a PUSH relationship. BellSouth better get it's head in the game or They are going to find they've lost their market because they forgot what product they were selling. "