Are you the Information "Hook-Up" for your family and friends? Do you know the ins and outs of internet research? If someone needs something are the guy who can get it for them? Every good prison movie has the guy who can get you anything. Need a picture of Raquel Welch to hide that unsightly hole in your wall? Got a yearnin for some McDonalds food? The prison hook-up guy can get it for you. IT departments and Office area's have a similar guy. Need to find a pdf printer driver for free? I can get ya that. Need to find information about government guidelines regarding the storage and sharing of medical data? I can get ya that. Want to know the mating habits of wild geese? Yep, You guessed it. I can get ya that. Just call me your Information Hook-Up. Actually those aren't even obscure items. How about this one? Need to know an easy way to get at the data in STI's School Management application? Yep I got that too. Man... I gotta get a life.