I have been noodling an idea lately that I think I will begin to implement in Bricklayer. A distributed MySpace/FaceBook of sorts. Think of it as everything you like about a Community Website with none of the Myspace pains. Your profile and content will be yours and under your control. But the network will still be there. It's distributed because its a network of individual unrelated sites. A Blog, Forum or Discsussion board perhaps. It will allow Disparate sites to network using similar technologies to trackback pings with less spam because a request for friend status with an identity will have to be explicitely allowed. In Theory with this API joining a community like Myspace would be as simple as requesting Friend Status with a Service Website. Leaving would be as simple as revoking the status with the Service Website. Each way you still keep the identity and Content and moving it from Service to Service or using it in Multiple Services would be simple and easy. My initial Design Notes can be found here.