In programming we have the term Easter Egg. It refers to hidden functionality in an application. Many times hidden even from the management. Some of you may remember the famous pinball game or Flight simulator hidden in the Office 97 Apps. Games are another popular place for programmers to hide Easter Eggs. They are kind of the Programmers little joke for the User of their software. Easter Eggs are fun and can really brighten a dull day. Some of you may know that I consider programming a creative art. In fact I consider some programming to be not unlike painting or writing poetry. For those who think like that, Easter eggs are like those hidden messages artists will sometimes hide in a painting. If you know me very well you will also know I'm a christian. I believe our capacity to create and enjoy beauty and surprise are a trait that comes from being made in Gods Image. When you think about it Creating the Universe was kind of like programming a work of art. God is the ultimate Hacker. He encoded the biology of whole Species into a few strands of DNA. He wrote the rules of Physics, and designed how Numbers work. His code is so beautiful it would move Linus Torvalds himself to tears. And like many coders I think God added a few Easter Eggs to his work. So the next time you hear of some funny coincidence that just strikes you as a little odd and somehow funny just imagine God in the beginning of Time turning to the Holy Spirit and saying "Wait till they get a load of this one..."