Blender is known as the most complete Open Source 3D modeller out there for open source. It also has a reputation for being one of those love it or hate it software packages with a steep learning curve. Blender is more than just a 3d content creation package though. It also happens to be perhaps the best video compositing and Non Linear editor available for open source. Cinelerra has a lot of power but isn't particularly great when you need to do a lot of keyframing. Jahshaka has a lot of potential but is unstable and still has a long way to go. Kino only does Digital video. But blender?.. Blender has it all. Blender is quite possibly the only package that gives you an end to end solution for content creation. What can blender do for you as a video editor? Well Just about anything actually. In can composite images and video/animations. It has a non linear video editor. It has an audio seqencer. In just under an hour I did the following short video clip using three still images. Compositing Still Image Test Video Blender has introduced node based compositing and as of 2.43 it has become quite powerful in that arena. The .blend file to do the effects seen above can be downloaded here. Hopefully it will show you some of the power that blender can bring to a video production pipeline.