Bill Gates the man behind Microsoft. Has published an interview with CNN on how he works. At the article: Bill Gates - How I work on Some of it no doubt is more advertising than informative however it is nice to see someone who actually uses what his company produces. The problem with Microsoft nowadays isn't the quality of their products. It's the price and the licensing. Microsoft has some great integrations in their products. If you can afford to purchase the sharepoint servers, Latest Office version, all the little office addons, and keep em up to date then by all means your office can experience a lot of internal productivity. The thing about Bill's job though is that he doesn't have to worry about incompatibilities within his organization or when dealing with other companies. Microsoft always has the latest versions of everything internally. Bill works in sort of an ivory tower where everything just works because they write the software. Out there in the real world though Microsoft is losing a very important battle. They are still fighting to keep things a Microsoft world. But the Genie is out of the bottle and eventually they will have to begin supporting open standards with no catches. People will stop caring about the nifty new feature if they can't use them anywhere they want on any platform. Microsoft in point of fact can't depend on everyone's work place being like microsofts anymore. I wonder what happens when Bill gets an email back saying = ""Im sorry but we can't read your office 200x document please resend it in an open format like ODF, Plain Text, or RTF. Thank you." That day is coming we may not know when and I'm not stupid enough to try to predict it. but it is coming. The free market is running like it's supposed too and Microsoft is in for a rude awakening if they don't start preparing for it. Keep an eye on Minnesota. I have a feeling this trend we are seeing may accelerate exponentially."