css Zen Garden = "The Beauty in CSS Design I took a look at an old favourite today. CSS Zen Garden still makes me awestruck. I am overcome by an urge to create something beautiful. Yet feel small when I compare my efforts to them. If you ever want to look at beauty on the web then just visit the above link. If you ever want to see what good designers can do with standards based tools then look at the above link. Maybe someday I will have a submission featured there. Who knows, stranger things have happened. CSS is as much a part of WebApp development as javascript, html, or xml are. It is what gives you the power to put a face on your app. It makes standardizing the interface to your app easier and more comprehensible with it's inheritance and cascading abilities. When you build you apps don't forget the visual design or the visual designer. Give him the tools to create beautiful things. Like here. "